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Why Employee Uniforms are Important for Your Company

Uniforms have a long and varied history, dating back to ancient civilizations. They have been used for identification, signaling rank, and protecting the wearer from the elements. Today, uniforms continue to play an important role in many workplaces. In some cases, uniforms are mandated by law or regulation. In other cases, employers may choose to adopt uniforms to improve safety, professionalism, and productivity. Here are five reasons why uniforms are great for your employees:

1. Uniforms can improve customer relationship and service

Have you ever walked into a business and not been able to identify the employees due to a lack of uniform? If you needed assistance locating an item or simply completing a sale, but you didn’t know who to speak with, it would be difficult for you to spend your money with that business.

2. Uniforms can help improve safety by making employees more visible

We don’t always think about uniforms as a safety or security device, but depending on the type of business, they could be.

For example, if you own a commercial landscaping company, there is a good chance that your employees work near roads or parking lots. Should they just wear whatever they want to work, potentially blending into their surroundings? What if they had to step into the road to complete work and a driver didn’t see them? That could be an accident that could ruin your company.

On the other hand, the same employees could be wearing brightly colored safety shirts as part of their uniforms. Something like electric yellow or neon lime green that would stand out in almost any location. This would help drivers to see your employees and hopefully steer clear of accidents.

3. Uniforms can help to keep your employees safe

Keeping employees safe is a priority with every company. An easy way to ensure that someone isn’t trying to sneak into your company is to ensure that everyone has a recognizable uniform.

This also helps to separate different employee groups, such as security guards, janitorial, customer service, technicians, etc, allowing you and your team to know who should be where they are and who shouldn’t.

4. Uniforms can provide a sense of community among employees

Think about when you hire a new employee, and you don’t have a uniform for them to wear the first day. How do you think that employee feels during their shift? Do they feel like part of the team? Even though they have the job, without a uniform, they may not feel like part of your team.

A uniform, even if it is only a shirt, can be a great hiring perk. Employees will look the part of their new job, they don’t have to decide what to wear to work, and they can save money by not having to purchase new clothes for their new job.

5. Uniforms can be free advertising

Many business owners may not realize this, but let’s think about what happen in the middle of every shift. Lunch time!

Do your employees go out to eat? Are your employees out in the field already and probably stop somewhere to eat? While they are eating, they could be wearing a great company uniform shirt, hat or jacket with your company info on it. Everyone that sees them is going to see your company info, just like a billboard, magazine ad or social media post. That’s great free advertising!

This all makes sense, but is it right for me?

That’s a great question, and while a uniform program may not be right for everyone and every company, it should be something to consider.

If your company doesn’t have a uniform program, or maybe it needs to be updated, it’s time to give CMYK Custom Clothing a call and schedule a free consultation. We work with all sorts of businesses and feel confident that we can design a uniform program that not only will make your employees look great but won’t damage your budget in the process.

Give us a call today at (909) 333-4068 or email us at

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